Ice Sculptures, Ice Luges, Ice Carvings for Baltimore Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC

Hi, Casey from Ice Lab here. Every year, we at Ice Lab make hundreds of Ice sculptures, bars and curtains. Because of this we get every question in the book. Including who is the best Ice Sculptor in the area? While we might think it's us we respect the talent of the three other ice sculpting companies in our area and know they do some things even better than us. So in the interest of transparency the following are our competitors and a little bit about them.

  • Hot Ice: Robert Roberts the Owner and fearless leader of Hot Ice. He has created some true masterpieces in his many years in the business. He once created an 8000 Lbs lion that was truly majestic. Over and over again he makes creative milestones that inspire us.  Hot Ice is located right here in Baltimore. While we don’t like to admit it they have set a high bar for quality in our area.

  • USA Ice: No question the biggest Ice Sculptors in our area. They have a full offering of bagged and block ice products and a fleet of trucks to deliver them. When we run out of ice blocks we call these guys. They are really organized and easy to work with. Their sculpting is also first class. They have my full recommendation for getting the job done.

  • Ice Art VA: These guys have been doing it for 20 years and it shows. Professional, artistic and creative. They are the whole package. No one does classic sea life sculptures as well as them. For a complex sculpture that's never been done before Art VA always brings their A game. And their two shop dogs Opie and Scooter keep their work environment grounded and homey.
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