Ice Sculptures, Ice Luges, Ice Carvings for Baltimore Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC

We handle the melting ice a couple of ways depending on the size of the sculpture. For a table top 1 block sculpture the water melts into a clear tray with a hose leading to a bucket under the table. We provide the clear tray and white bucket with gold liner along with the sculpture. When things get bigger they also get a bit simpler.

For ice bars we custom build a plastic liner with a 6 inch tall wall around it. Typically we drape a black cloth over the whole thing to make it blend into the floor. The process for ice curtains is the same but wider to catch stray drops. So then the question is how much water and what do you do with it afterward?

A 1 block sculpture or the most typical purchase is comprised of approximately 40 gallons of water. Similarly a 6 ft ice bar will be 6 blocks or 240 gallons. For small ice sculptures you (the customer) will likely be throwing out the rest of the ice sculpture and drain water. Ice sculpture are just water and as such it is safe to just put them in a sink or throw them outside.  

Sometimes larger sculptures and bars will have to be broken down by our staff. If you are unsure of the fate of your sculpture please ask. To remove the water from the larger sculpture’s custom built drain assembly simply use buckets followed by a shop vac. Then wrap up the plastic and haul it away.

Thanks for reading if you are curious about the cost for a particular project feel free to submit the information for it on our contact form and we will get back to you with a quote.

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