Ice Sculptures, Ice Luges, Ice Carvings for Baltimore Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC

We keep it simple.

Ice Sculptures from ICE LAB are $600 per block of ice used.

We do not up charge you for more involved designs like the other guys do. Ice Lab only charges you for the ice you get.

The delivery, setup, battery powered LED lighting, and drain gear, is always included in our per full block pricing.

The example above is a 1 block sculpture standing 40"L x 20"W x 50"H.


     Full size luge pricing is the same as above, but some people just want cold booze! 
We offer this 1/2 block luge design options to be picked up here at our studio for only $300. 
We can add any text or logo that you choose. 
Delivery, Drain Gear & Lighting not included for orders less than 1 full block.


For those who are just looking to have a full size slab or wedge with a couple tracks, no worries we do that too! Nothing custom about these but they are the bread winning classics. These are offered at $150 picked up here at the studio.

Pickup Only - Drain Gear & Lighting not included for orders less than 1 full block.

Ice Luge Washington DC, Baltimore MD

Cocktail Ice

Prices Vary

Cocktail Ice Pricing Cubes and Spheres


Ice Shot Glasses are $2.50 each. 



Ice Cocktail Glasses are $5 each. 



The price depends on block usage. The average price for a 10'x10' display is $4,500 truss and RGBA LED lighting included

Ice Curtain National Harbor


The price depends on block usage. The average price for a 8' ice bar is around $4,800.


Live Demo Sculpting

Live demos are priced at $750 per block of ice used with a 2 block order minimum.

Each block takes about 30 minutes to sculpt.

 The delivery, setup, battery powered LED lighting, and drain gear, is always included in our per full block pricing.

Angelito Baban Ice Sculptor DC Marriott National Harbor


Payment - Ice Lab will provide the ice sculpture(s) outlined in the invoice for the described event(s). Clients that have been accepted into our "trusted vendor program" are on a NET 30 pay cycle, for all other clients payment is required to be paid in full at least 7 days (Week Prior) to the event. Please understand that invoices not paid within the NET 30 timeline are subject to a 5% fee compounding monthly on the updated invoice total. If the invoice amount is higher than $5,000 the client must pay via check. For invoices lower than $5,000 online payments can be made at please mail checks payable to Ice Lab Ice Sculptures, Inc. 815 N. North Point Rd. Baltimore, MD 21237

Fees - The delivery is included for a minimum order of one block, within a 75-mile driving radius of our Baltimore, MD studio location. Orders that are outside of our normal driving radius will be subject to a $2 per mile (charged one way) delivery fee to cover the extra travel expense. Orders that are not placed at least 7 days prior to the event are subject to a $75 rush fee per ice block of ice used. Optional add-on equipment for orders less than 1 block is as follows, drain gear - $30 & Lighting - $10 per puck.  Clients requesting to be added to our C.O.I. as additionally insured will have a $50 surcharge added to their invoice. Clients picking up sculptures/luges from our outdoor freezer must make sure they receive their materials before they leave our studio location. Please check your invoice to ensure correctness. Color is able to be added to some logos not all; there is a $50 fee for this service if requested. CAD Drafts can be created upon request for a non-refundable $50 fee, revisions are $25 each. There is no cost for the quick sketch if requested.

Liability and Strike - Our C.O.I. is available upon request. Client shall provide Ice Lab with a level, stable and safe surface to present the display. Ice Lab will not be held responsible for faulty sculpture support (tables, bars, stands, etc.) or the result of guests bumping into the display during the event. Sculpture(s) should be in place at least 30 minutes prior to event start time.  Client accepts liability associated to drain gear water levels and must ensure it is checked and emptied if/when necessary. The client is responsible for strike and disposal of sculpture/s unless discussed otherwise. If the client requests Ice Lab for strike and disposal, the fee is $150. Displays over 5 blocks may have strike and disposal service at no additional cost, but only if requested. For live demos and festivals Ice Lab reserves the right to strike sculptures at any time if we feel public safety becomes questionable due to inclement weather or any other circumstance leading to the loss of the displays structural integrity.

Cancellations - We understand that circumstances may arise where cancellation may be necessary; including but not limited to inclement weather, sickness and logistics issues. If you do have to cancel your event or move the date Ice Lab will do its best to accommodate you getting your sculpture. Please understand that in some cases we may be booked for a future date.


We aim for 100% customer satisfaction so if you have a question or concern we are here for you at any time. Call 410-746-1595 )




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