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Hi Jake with Ice Lab. The answer is yes, but not really. Believe us, we have tried. The problem with using a mold is the ice will not freeze clear . Bubbly ice will make your ice sculpture look dumb. There are some ways to make molds work. However, they are not easy. I will tell you these methods but please keep in mind they have their own shortcomings.

    The best method if you are making an ice sculpture from a mold it to bubble air in the mold while it freezes. Place a thin aquarium bubbling tube in the center of the mold put clean water into the mold and place it in the freezer with the air pump running. This will take approximately 24 hours for each 1 gallon jug of thickness your ice sculpture has (fancy measurement). Once the ice sculpture is fully frozen remove it from the mold and pour hot water into the air line to loosen and remove it. Then you can back fill and refreeze the airline hole. Fair warning, this process is as much art as science.

    The second method produces ice that is slightly less cloudy than normal. Simply begin with warm water and insulate your ice so that it freezes as slowly as possible. This will give you the best result for the least effort invested.

    If you want to skip the hassle of fumbling through these methods send us your ice sculpting idea on our contact page. If you want to learn more about clear ice see “How Do ice carvers make clear ice?

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