Ice Sculptures, Ice Luges, Ice Carvings for Baltimore Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC

As a small business owner I can’t help but feel a sense of “the sky will be falling at any moment.” Over the past 6 years Ice Lab has grown from a business with just myself working in a small garage all the way to a 1,000,000 lbs. sold per year company with a huge staff of wonderful employees who are all insanely talented individuals. The growth has been very much appreciated but at what point do things start to level off and how do you know when to stop searching for that next big break-through to make yourself stand out?

This will sound crazy coming from someone who owns a company like mine but Ice Sculptures have never really seemed super necessary to make an event amazing. It seems like it would be one of the first things cut out of a budget during tough economic times. Is that perhaps what makes it so appealing? It is so over the top and insane to have a frozen structure that is made completely of plain ole water that will only be there for one dang evening!!! The reason I started doing it in the first place was just because it was so bizarre.

Will it ever stop yo? I don’t know. Yeah I just went there. I guess I’ll just end this lil blip by saying we are going to keep on keeping on as long and as hard as we can keep keeping on. It’s fun and well we shall see where this crazy ride takes us!

Does anyone read these things???

Nope probably not but it’s fun to have a super secret private public journal! Oh yeah keywords lol Ice Carving DC … Ice Sculpture Baltimore … Ice Luge, RAVENS


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