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     So we are well into the warm season, or as most ice carvers like to call it SLOOOW SEASON! I'm not the oldest carver in the game but it only takes 3 points on a graph to gather a correlation. I've seen enough holidays come and go to know that us americans are partying a bit more each year. I'm certainly not an economist but I can say without a doubt that things have been on a positive gain since the drop in 2008. What has been most interesting to me is seeing how heavily social media and web sales have affected marketing strategies baby boomers are being forced into Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Think about that baby boomers. . . tweeting!  I think it's all positive. It's no longer necessary to go to Kinkos and make 1000 flyers, go door to door or send out mass marketing emails. The people who you want to sale to can follow you in a noninvasive way and it seriously rocks. I can't wait to see where this roller coaster called FREE MARKET takes us, but I can assure you we are climbing the hill right now.

If you didn't know this already there really is no reason for the posts,                                           I just enjoy putting my thoughts out there.

Much Love,

Casey Lee Conner



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